Video games market has exceeded music and movie revenues for the first time. Brands are facing strong users expectations such as personalisation and immersion. People are more and more interested by brand experiences rather than products. Social Networks just go around in circles. Websites are now 100% ecommerce. So  what can brands can learn from gaming experience to convey their values, their spirit?

First of all, new generation wants more than like, share or buy actions. Gaming offers the greater degree of personalisation, interaction and immersion. Does it mean that brands should create their own video games? For sure they should invent new experiences inspired by games core values and mechanics. Especially if they want to reach young audience.

Singularity 5

Released december 2018 // available on Steam

The Square


Upside Down

Exploring weird world // work in progress

Shades of Mind

Puzzle Game // Work in progress

Paper Tales

A childhood Odyssey. Our First VR game