Small studio. Huge skills.
Lastest 3D technologies.

Born from the digital agency ultranoir, Monochrome has been created in November 2016 in Paris by Axel Aubert, Guillaume Nicollet and JB Grasset. Our main background is all kind of  digital creation for brands. We are now an indie 3D design studio of 5 passionate people (Gabriel de Laubier and Christophe Marquet joined us), a small structure very flexible, fast and rigorous. We mainly working for artists, brands (luxury, lifestyle, architecture..) and producing our own video games. The fact that we do services and products at the crossroad of Art, brands and video games experiences makes of Monochrome a unique studio.

We love to work on blod projects and we believe in timeless style.

Arts, brands and video games.

We work with artists who see virtual reality as a new medium of expression, the brand new of the 21st century, highly interactive with a central position for the audience. As a VR content creator, we are at the service of their vision and advice on the possibilities of technology.

We work for brands who want to build a more interactive and creative dialogue between their content and their customers. Retail is reinventing itself for more brand experiences than simply selling products and social networks have shown their limit. Through new immersive technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive projections, motion capture, real-time 3D), Monochrome is able to invent innovative experiences, very interactive and simple learning and highly memorable.

Young people are gamers. They have their own networks, their own medias and a very specific language. The fact that we produce our own video games allows us to inject into our productions for artists and brands what makes the essence of these specific cultural products: immersion and interaction at their peak. We therefore believe that brands will have to create content inspired by these codes.



3D creation is separated into two methodologies: real time and pre-calculated.

Pre-computed renderings are mainly used for animated movies (Pixar, Disney), to create  products’ images or special effects. The quality is close to reality but the rendering times are very long and therefore expensive with very little flexibility in terms of updates.

Conversely, real-time renderings are much faster, offer great flexibility in editing, and immediately view the end result. Real time has been used for more than 20 years in the world of video games. The quality between a real-time video game and a classic animation diminishes from year to year. The other advantage of 3D real time is obviously the interaction we can create with our customers, always amazed that he can modify a content in real time on many aspects (colorimetry, effects, light, sound, …).