Jungle Fever.


By Pauline Dufour.

Pauline Dufour, a visual artist, produced a series of drawings called Jungle on the island of Boipeba, Bahia region in Brazil. Monochrome partners with Pauline to experiment Titlbrush during one wook, the VR painting tool created by Google. This allows to draw virtual reality in a 3D space. Pauline, in residence at the gallery, spent a week on the creation of an original artwork, continuity of her pictorial work. The result is an entirely new, immersive artistic experience, plunging the visitor at the heart of its composition.

The process of creation is at the crossroads of drawing, dance and innovation.




This may change the way people interact with Art. From the Titlbrush drawing Pauline made, we produce an Unreal version where you can freely move inside the artwork, change your angle of view. The visitor feels more like an actor fo the work than a spectator. The distance disappears and feeling are stronger. From one piece, infinite versions can be produced and printed depending on the way you look.





A selection of print on Fine Art paper,signed and numbered editions of 10 are available on the 204 gallery Shop :






If you want more information about this project, download the experience or get the press kit, feel free to contact us.