immersive technologies

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Immersion is the next
digital revolution

Immersive technologies are new digital setups whom enchant, modify, reproduce or improve reality. Or create new realities. They result in a fusion, understood by the user, of the real and the virtual. They are also characterized by the powers given to the user.

The design and 3D animation are the material, the main essence of these new mediums including real time.Monochrome since 2016 is able to create and manage projects related to all these new technologies.

3D design & motion


We modelize in a very short time brand products, architectures, avatars, environments, universe with a maximum of details, textures and material close to reality render with a particular care to the optimization (possibility to use these 3D objects in the various technologies listed below ). We also produce 3D animations from these models with optimum flexibility and efficiency with real-time to produce 3D / 360° videos.


Main software used: Cinema 4D, Blender, Substance, Marvellous Designer, Mixamo.

Virtual Reality

Creating new worlds

Create imaginary virtual spaces where the user holds a central position in the media by giving him super powers, here are the experiences that Monochrome has already tested with more than 6000 people. While waiting for virtual reality to become more democratic (hardware progress is fast), this medium is mainly used at public or private events to plunge the visitor in an immersive experience he will remember. We also manage all the issues related to installation, visitor management, maintenance. The content produced for the VR can also be declined on Youtube in 360 ° video.


Technologies : Oculus Rift, GO & Quest, HTC Vive & Cosmos.

Augmented Reality

Add wonder to reality

Augmented reality has become popular on smartphones with elaborate selfie filters or for games. We produce interactive AR content with the best quality available on the market and a gamification approach that we apply to the ecommerce, retail and product design sectors that brands can insert into their existing applications or with the production of a specific one. The AR technology requires a lot of optimization and Monochrome perfectly masters this production process.


Technologies: AR Core, AR Kit with Unreal.

Digital installations

Make physical space interactive and digital

Making reality interactive to create new experiences is quite trendy nowadays. Whether for brands, pop-stores or events, we are able to offer several interactive digital systems that allow you to play with the different media available. We know that millennials have an experiential approach to brand more than products. They also have a strong attraction for video games. Turning your space into a fun, creative and connected to your digital ecosystem is a challenge that Monochrome will raise with imagination.


Technologies: Leap Motion, Kinect 2, Unreal, Interactive screens, Holograms.

Immersive 3D video

dive inside the media

It’s been a decade now that everyone is on his mobile. Media consumption now goes mainly through this 9-inch screen. We are convinced that the next revolution is immersion. People will not be coming back to their television sets, especially young people. Like the successes of the workshop of lights in Paris or Teamlab in Tokyo, the visitor is literally immersed in the image and gaze at 360 °. There are devices that are easily adaptable to small areas for a guaranteed sense of escape. Monochrome accompanies you as well in the installation as in the creation of content of such experience (this one can also be published on YouTube 360 ​​°).


Technology : video projection, Unreal.

Partner : Epson.