Interactive virtual tour of a major architectural project

Welcome to a new way of
working and living.

Much more than a building, ShAKe is a new space in the heart of Lille where the concepts of work, nature, services, economy and social life are mixed and shared in this architecture resolutely turned towards the future. The main shape is a spiral, Shake’s skeleton, a real link with the city. Its curves reveal a tree-lined walk that will take you to its belvedere, overlooking the city. An architectural challenge as an invitation to meet and share. We did an interactive tour in Realtime VR to get the best out of the ShAKe experience.

This project has been performed in cooperation with PCA for Nacarat.

Virtual tour

The experience is an interactive tour that follows the spiral of the building. The user can discover from the main square, the main street which is a real spot of life and exchange and walk through the various terraces to finish on a model God’s view. To give life to the place, animated characters simulating scenes of lives were added throughout the course.

The experience is done under Unreal and is a real technical challenge from optimizing the building source model from the Architecture agency PCA and as well as the integration of animated elements, special effects and overview of the environment with the main building of Lille.