Jodorowsky's dune

the greatest VR experience never made

the greatest virtual reality experience never made

Since 2016, we at Monochrome Paris are making VR experiences for Luxurys Brands, Museums & Artists. We’re a team of 5 passionated creative persons, with the common goal to break the 4th wall and to use VR to open the gates of the world of Imagination. As huge fans of Jodorowsky’s Dune, we decided to remake in real-time 3D some key materials of the “Greatest Movie never made”, to project into it through Virtual Reality. We truly think reviving this “non-existing-masterpiece” through a medium like VR and proposing a new vision of this “could-have-been-movie” would make perfect sense.

tribute to genius

We’re thinking deeply about the deep meaning of such a process, and the vision that could legitimate such a project. However, we couldn’t resist to start by modeling some key elements in 3D, to give life to these beautiful buildings, vehicles and characters designed by Moebius, Chris Foss, HR Giger.

For now this project is more a Fan Tribute Project, but we’re pushing hard to make it real and official. Every month, during our free time, we build some new elements inspired by the famous Storyboard of this incredible project.

We hope that one day we’ll be able to dive into this Science Fiction masterpiece thanks to Virtual Reality.