Hyper alliance

Enjoy the futur of video clip

An interactive and fantasy experience inside the Hyper Alliance virtual spaceship.

HYPER ALLIANCE is a musical, aesthetical, technological and knowledge sharing project led by Ines Alpha & Panteros666.

“Welcome aboard Panteros666 & Ines Alpha’s spaceship.”

A multimedia performance celebrating rave and digital art forms uniting digital art performance & electronic live show. Each track takes us inside a room. Each room has been imagined by an artist as part of the Hyper Alliance. The team of 3D wizards, photographer, graphic designers, confronts their skills with current phenomena: post internet culture, interactive technologies and global rave. We work on a redefinition of graphic and musical experience taking influences from futurism, science aesthetic, European cultural construction and ecological awareness. This project is meant and produced to be adapted in Virtual Reality. Our ultimate goal is to inject more fantasy inside reality.

Unreal Production by Monochrome.