Waves 002 for Asics.  


In accordance with Paris Fashion Week, Unrated takes over the ASICS House with the second edition of WAVES. The concept: transforming the basement of ASICS House Paris, located just a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement of the capital, into a veritable temple of Japanese music. This event also showcases the new line of Asics Sneakers: the Asics Tiger using a new revolutionary gel substance. We produce a creative and interactive VR experience to entertain the young and trendy audience. 


This project has been performed in cooperation with Unrated.




We had "carte blanche" to create three differents graphic universes around the sneakers model. Inspited by the Gel Subtance we produced surrealistic scenes from Space Opera to Chinese Garden and futuristic city like Bladerunner. 




Using Unreal software, we produced a real-time experience using Oculus Touch. On the initial set, he can grab one the 3 models and be teleported in an immersive universe and easily switched from one to another. Inside each world which is a poetic and surrealistic view of the brand, he can play an dinteract with many elements around him. 




The VR Experience was available on two different headsets during the live performance of musicians in the VIP area. Then it was offered to customers in the main Asics flagship of Paris. 





If you want more information about this project, download the experience or get the press kit, feel free to contact us.