The Art of Flying


Flying enters a new age of luxury.

As the incarnation of a new art of living, resolutely modern, creative, timeless, and above all human adventure, V. encapsulates a mix of passion, perfection, humility and pride. The ambition is to create a brand that put its mark into the history of travelling by creating the first luxury superjets transportation club. We at Monochrome created strong 3D animations, brand graphic style and VR Experience. 

This project has been performed in cooperation with ultranoir.




The experience creates an environment inspired by Haute Couture, a subtle combination of world class craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies.This voluptuous and precious combination stimulates reflection and inspiration by offering the excellence of arts, gastronomy, and elegance. This is the incarnation of a new art of living, resolutely modern, creative, and timeless.




Virtual reality allows the user to test incredible experiences without moving from his seat. We propose to live the first trip from Moscow to Courchevel. This journey is an aesthetic experience presenting a unique travel from an imaginary airport in Moscow to the French Alps. The user can switch between different inside and outside views  ;




If you want more information about this project, download the experience or get the press kit, feel free to contact us.